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Our team at Play Like a Girl decided to do even more to level the playing field at a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic—when existing inequalities were deepening for many of the girls we serve.

Meet + Mentor was created as our chance to connect motivated middle school girls to inspiring women role models and mentors from all walks of life, and to inspire them to see more opportunities for themselves.


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New hybrid mentoring solution keeps you connected even when apart, making it easy to mentor from anywhere.

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Empower girls for less than the cost of WiFi and keep them connected through virtual technology.

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Provide the tools, resources and support girls need to believe they can be anything.

Corporate DEI and Social Impact Realized

Host local girls for a custom in-person mentoring event led by your women’s network or other ERG.

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See how Play Like a Girl is changing the game with virtual group mentoring, built for busy professionals.

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The STEM workforce continues to grow, but only 28% of these jobs are held by women. Instead of hiding behind program closures amid the pandemic, we decided to rally our community so that anyone from anywhere could help us inspire limitless potential in girls...just a new way of doing what we do best.

- Dr. Kimberly Clay
CEO of Play Like a Girl

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