94% of women executives in the C-suite played sports—52% played at the university level.

Play Like a Girl Clubs provide middle school girls grades 5-8 access to a sampling of sports and physical activity in a fun, non-competitive, friendly environment with the support of volunteer coaches, teammates and role models.

The 12-week program is guided by 10 girl-powered principles by which we live and play. Club girls gain confidence, learn teamwork and develop leadership skills that form the basis for success—both on and off the field.

Clubs are organized by passionate women who coach teams of 10 or more girls at local schools, community centers, hospitals and other venues. They are led by mothers, teachers (both general and physical education) and motivated volunteers who coach girls in the sport they once played as a child, in college or at the professional level.

The PLAG Collegiate Clubs Initiative is a growing grassroots movement where college women, including student-athletes, partner with Play Like a Girl to educate, advocate and fundraise—work that is vital to our ability to keep girls in the game. PLAG Collegiate Clubs engage with their campus community to promote Play Like a Girl’s work across the U.S. and Canada.

Many clubs deliver the Clubs curriculum in area schools and Boys & Girls Clubs, host the Play Like a Girl Games fundraiser and other fundraising challenges, organize campus-wide fitness classes, put on speaker series with expert panelists and much more.

What You'll Need

To start a Club, you must be able to provide:


Secure an outdoor field or court to accommodate all members of the Club.


Provide balls and other sporting equipment to all members of the Club.


Recruit volunteers to coach all members of the Club throughout the year.

Responsibilities You’ll Have

Handle all administrative details of the Club including securing space, recruiting girls and coach(es) and liaising with Play Like a Girl HQ.

Lead the Club through the 12-week Play Like a Girl Clubs curriculum for 90-minutes one to three times a week, each season.

Ready to Start a Club?

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