Girl Up Bootcamp

Are you passionate about pay equity in STEM? Want to learn more about the gender pay gap and increase your financial literacy? Join us at this STEM Bootcamp to participate in group discussions and analyze data to identify contributing factors to the gender pay gap in STEM. We will brainstorm STEM-centered solutions, learn how to apply for a $500 STEM grant, and hear from a panel of women in STEM.

Giving girls and women equal opportunities to pursue — and thrive in — STEM careers helps narrow the gender pay gap, enhances girls and women’s economic security and ensures a diverse and talented STEM workforce and prevents biases in these fields and the products and services they produce.

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NASA Girls in STEM 2021

*Advanced registration is required. Event is open to Ohio residents ONLY.

The Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) has a strong interest in strengthening relationships with organizations that support students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers.  Girls in STEM is designed to inspire middle school student interest in STEM fields. The event features women working in STEM fields at NASA Glenn, engaging STEM activities, and tours of NASA Glenn’s facilities.

Due to current health restrictions, Girls in STEM 2021 is planned to be a virtual event. This event will include a virtual tour of a NASA Glenn facility, an online presentation from a female engineer, and a STEM activity that participants will do live during the event. Due to software limitations, the event will be limited to the first 80 registrations received.


Storytelling & The Art of Failure

Failure is an important part of the engineering process. While youth (especially girls) fear failure, STEM professionals have and continue to fail many times in their careers. In this workshop, you will learn storytelling skills to help you artfully communicate your experiences with failing - and the lessons learned - to younger audiences.

The last half hour of the workshop will offer an opportunity to connect with local role model programs and network with other mentors.

This event is hosted by the San Diego STEM Ecosystem, Women in STEM working group as part of the Role Model Initiative.

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TGR Learning Lab

At the TGR Learning Lab, we are focused on opening your mind to potential careers and college majors available
to you. Instructors at the TGR Learning Lab Anaheim site will be offering FREE virtual summer classes for students
across the nation. These classes will be offered to students who will be in grades 6-8 starting in Fall 2021.

Health & Fitness Fusion
Have you been working out and eating healthy during your time at home? Step into the kitchen and learn the
science behind what keeps your body energized. Create new healthy habits and explore foods at home that are
beneficial to your body. Discover a variety of fun workouts such as yoga and HIIT training to get your heart rate up
and be active at home!

Human Body Lab: Exploring Biomedical Careers
Are you interested in applying your passion for science to improve people’s health and well-being? From participating in a live-streamed dissection to designing prototypes for biomedical challenges, we will explore the anatomy of
the human body, the cause and spread of diseases and the variety of careers in health care. You will walk away with
a better understanding of how you can help yourself and others live a healthy life.

Space Science
Look up into the night sky and what do you find? If you have ever wondered what is really out there, this is the class
for you. Come build a simple rocket, explore light and spectrometry and learn about how scientists explore the
Earth, Solar System and the Universe.

Technology for Good: Artificial Intelligence to Help the World
From self-driving cars to personal computer assistants like Siri, artificial intelligence has arrived. In this course,
participants will dive deeper into the technology by exploring different online apps that implement artificial intelligence such as voice and image recognition. Participants will also be given the opportunity to learn how artificial
intelligence is created through machine learning and neural networking. With new insights gained, participants will
discuss the ethics behind artificial intelligence and how the technology could be used for good.

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How STEM Will Save the Planet

Climate change represents the greatest existential challenge to humanity in its entire history. In order to mitigate the impacts of climate change, STEM skills across many sectors of the workforce and the general public will be critical to ensure success. In conjunction with Earth Week, STEMconnector will host a webinar focusing on this critical challenge with some of its innovative partners. The program will focus on four areas of this issue:

  • Innovation to do more with less
  • Behavior changes across global populations to use less
  • Mitigate the inevitable climate fallouts that are already in motion
  • Ensure that social justice is at the forefront of this work as marginalized populations are disproportionately vulnerable to the impact of climate change

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Ronda Hamm, Global Academic Relations, Corteva Agriscience
  • Tiffany Troxler, Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center, Florida International University
  • Christiane Maertens, Founder, DoGoodery (Moderator)


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WISC STEMinars: Genetic Engineering

Living things are made up of many, many cells, and these cells have instructions inside them called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). These instructions include things called "genes" which control the proteins our cells create, and ultimately, control how our cells look and behave! Genetic engineering is a super important development because we can build and alter genes to make cells look and behave in certain ways. Why is this a big deal, and how does this help scientists better understand life? Learn with us and grad student Tyler Perdue at 11 am on April 10th!

Join us on April 10th at 11 am to hear a graduate student discuss their research and answer questions about being a scientist! Register HERE

Brite 2021 Application Webinar

This 30-minute Brite Application Webinar serves as an informational webinar for informal STEM education programs interested in applying to the Brite Program. During the webinar, we will review the goals, weekly structure, and requirements for Brite 2021. There will also be time for questions about the application and process.

Brite is an online, interdisciplinary STEM program built for girls ages 13-16. The Brite Pilot was offered in the summer of 2020. Brite 2021, a joint venture between the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) and The Hello Studios, will be held July 12-22, 2021, and will provide a high-quality, online suite of activities centered on collaborative learning with female role models. Brite 2021 will consist of two courses: Art x Science, featuring role models and activities at the intersection of art and science, and Dream Big, Take Risks, featuring role models and activities that introduce girls to audacious careers in STEM. A customized online platform, accessed through a 1:1 device, will serve as a launching pad for girls to participate in individual, small group, and community-wide activities.

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Spring Forward

Join us on March 25th for an evening of music, joy and sisterhood at Girls Who Code’s Spring Forward, a virtual event bringing together our incredible community of change-makers! Help us celebrate Reshma Saujani, Girls Who Code's founder, and welcome our incoming CEO, Dr. Tarika Barrett.

Enjoy surprise guests, DJs Amira + Kayla, Sisterhood Lounges featuring poetry readings by Ars Poetica, astrology with The AstroTwins, a panel featuring the founders of the Resistance Revival Chorus and the Women’s March on Washington, Ginny Suss and Paola Mendoza, along with youth activist Naomi Wadler. And, get to know Tarika! She’ll sit down with Carol Juel of Synchrony for a fireside chat.

Check out the full schedule and RSVP here.

Sound with STEM NOLA

Participate in a live STEM session as we engage in activities at home.


Rockets with STEM NOLA

Participate in a live STEM session as we engage in activities at home.