Day of Well-being

MENTOR Virginia is partnering with BareSOUL Yoga and Wellness for a Day of Well-being dedicated to practicing mindfulness through enlightening and accessible sessions. This virtual event will offer eight sessions, led by experts, focusing on yoga, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and movement. See session times and descriptions below. The premier sponsor of this event is Dominion Energy.

  • Join any or all sessions - enter and leave whenever you please!
  • Sessions are 35-45 minutes in length.
  • Sessions are appropriate for all ages, body types, and accessibilities.
  • Registration is $25 per household - You can participate solo or have the whole family join in!

Proceeds benefit MENTOR Virginia, a nonprofit that fosters quality mentoring relationships that empower, elevate, and encourage young people.


9:00am Welcome and kickoff

9:10a-9:45a Yoga: Breath, Movement + Meditation

The practice of yoga and mindfulness encourages physical, mental and emotional well-being and can be experienced in many forms. This session will introduce breathing practices, all-experiences movement, and relaxation techniques to find focus, balance, and mind-body connection.

10:00a-10:45a Breathe Into Rest

Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercises or techniques that may be used to improve mental, physical, and energetic well-being. During breathwork practice, participants will experience the importance of breath awareness and various breathing exercises that invite a mind-body connection to improve mental, physical and energetic well-being.

11:00a-11:35a Kid’s Yoga, Mindfulness and Story Time

Making yoga and mindfulness accessible for all ages is important for relationship building. During this interactive session, learn playful poses, simple breathing techniques and story time that ends in a relaxing meditation. This class is suited for children between the ages of 2 to 11 years old and adults.

12:00p-12:45p Lunch and Learn: Yoga and Mindfulness in Everyday Living

Grab a healthy bite and take time to hear a group of well-being practitioners and professionals share their experiences and knowledge on ways to bring yoga and mindfulness into your life to improve overall well-being and community care for all ages.

1:00p-1:45p Mindfulness and Meditation 101

This workshop applies concepts from the Lunch and Learn and will give a basic introduction to the concept of mindfulness and the practice of meditation. Participants will learn the physical, mental and emotional benefits, and experience ways that meditation may improve overall well-being for all ages and experiences.

2:00p-2:45p Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be completed sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. The practice of mindfulness and movement in the chair encourages physical, mental, and emotional well-being by introducing gentle movement, breathing practices, and meditation techniques that may be used to manage stress and self regulation throughout your daily activities. The practice will be offered in a chair with options to stand.

3:00p-3:45p Laughter For Life

Laughter Yoga introduces intentional laughter as an exercise, which turns into real and genuine laughter when practiced in a group. Scientific studies show that our body can not differentiate between real laughter and intentional laughter, and you will get the same health benefits. Take a break to laugh to boost your mood, build a strong immune system, increase self confidence and improve connection. Bring everyone in your household together to laugh for life!

4:00p-4:30p Community Sound Bath and Meditation

Sound Meditation is a form of focused awareness meditation that promotes rest, release, and restoration through the use of Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and other sound instruments. Experience the therapeutic effects of sound bowls and vibrations to relax and rejuvenate the physical body and mind. The practice may be completed lying down or seated.

4:30pm Closing and Acknowledgements