We Are Greater, Together

Thank You for making us who we are. Our story began in 2004 in Birmingham, Alabama—it’s unbelievable how we have grown from one event a year to welcoming hundreds of girls across the United States to our programs, events and online almost every day of the year.

We’re looking forward to what’s next for Play Like a Girl—working together with our partners, parents, schools and supporters including YOU to level the playing field for girls.

And after 17 years, we know better than ever that we are greater, together!

Leveling the Playing Field

Nashville, Tennessee is now home to Play Like a Girl. Located in the heart of the south, our city is also a hub for healthcare, music and technology where brilliant women and men are creating, innovating and changing the world. And so are we. 

Our founder and CEO Dr. Kim and the Board of Directors are working to find solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing girls today. Our work connects middle school girls with women (in both STEM and non-STEM careers) across our community and the nation who aspire to help us reach our goals. 

Inspiring Play and Unlocking Potential

We envision a world where the playing field is level and every girl reaches her full potential. We know it’s possible. But we know we can’t do it alone. It takes all of us, from our SQUAD to everyday role models like you to the mentors in our afterschool programs and beyond.

So we can’t celebrate 17 years without thanking you! 


Building an Inclusive World

Diversity, equity and inclusion are an inherent part of our brand DNA, inspiring our work and driving innovation—in our programs, our events, our stories on the blog and new ways we bring the Play Like a Girl experience to you and girls in your life wherever you are.

Celebrating Our Growth

Explore a curated collection of key moments of Play Like a Girl history by visiting (or revisiting!) our Facebook page—where we’ve catalogued the iconic events, people and places that helped to shape who we have become.

Then, bring your excitement into the next 17 years! Join the Play Like a Girl SQUAD today with a recurring monthly donation of $50 or more.

Join HERE: iplaylikeagirl.org/join.