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A Gap In Innovation

Women account for roughly 50% of the US workforce.

So why do they make up less than 28% of all STEM workers? Play Like a Girl is working to level the playing field by creating early, positive experiences in sport and STEM for middle school girls who are most at risk of veering off the pathway to a STEM career.

  • As girls enter adolescence, they draw the blueprints for their adult lives.
  • Confidence and motivation—for STEM or anything else—hardwire during this key developmental period.
  • This represents the time when girls can develop a lifelong passion for sport and STEM.
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Every girl deserves access to the resources, role models and experiences necessary to fulfill her potential.

Keeping girls on the path to a STEM career requires a multi-level approach.

Play Like a Girl delivers early, positive experiences in sport and STEM specially designed for girls in 6-8th grade:

SPORT Participation

Builds confidence and teaches girls to collaborate and compete.

STEM Education

Empowers girls with real-world experience and exposure to new opportunities.


Creates the belief and provides the proof that they can be and do anything they can dream up.

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Middle school girls learn through a layered cohort-based Play Like a Girl experience that includes:

Ongoing Programs

  • Summer Camps
  • Sports Clinics
  • After-school Clubs
  • Virtual Mentoring
  • Saturday Workshops

Special Events

  • Industry Field Trips
  • Cultural Activities
  • College Visits
  • Hackathons
  • Conferences
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Our Partners

Play Like a Girl programs expand girls’ imaginations of what they are capable of achieving. And it’s all made possible by our network of employee volunteers and corporate partners, including:

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Our Partners choose to invest in three key ways:

Employee Engagement

Boost engagement and connect employees to a cause they love, whether in-house or remote

  • Employee Engagement
  • Awareness Day Campaigns
  • More Options like Virtual Mentoring
  • Field & Skills-based Volunteer Projects

Corporate Donations

Fund existing programs already making an impact or sponsor a custom project or event

  • Cause Marketing and % of Sales
  • Program and Event Sponsorship
  • In-kind Gifts & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • One-time or Year-round

Strategic Partnerships

Get to the heart of your employee experience with one partner that meets multiple needs

  • Turnkey and Adaptable
  • Out-of-the-Box or Custom
  • Three-Year Partnership Typical
  • Overlap CSR, DEI & ERG Initiatives
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Play Like a Girl helps companies get started or level up work on the issues their employees care about. And we make it easy for employees to participate—whether in-person or remote

Learn how partnership with Play Like a Girl can help drive your people and your company forward.

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