Inspiring Play.Unlocking Potential.

Play Like a Girl!® is a 501(c)3 charitable organization on a mission to level the playing field by leveraging the skills girls gain from sport to propel young women into competitive, male-dominated careers in STEM+.


The Challenge

Girls have fewer role models to inspire their interest in STEM+ fields, seeing limited examples of female scientists and engineers in books, media and popular culture. There are even fewer role models of Black women in STEM+, therefore women are seriously underrepresented in these fields. According to the World Economic Forum, “Gender parity has a fundamental bearing on whether or not economies and societies thrive.”

Our Solution

At Play Like a Girl, we envision a world where the playing field is level and every girl reaches her full potential. To accomplish this, we connect middle school girls with inspiring women role models and mentors—ultimately, building girls’ confidence and inspiring them to pursue a future in STEM+.

Our Values

We strive to be:






Our Promise

We champion gender equality and economic opportunity for all girls, no exception. And we deliver on this promise every single day—without fail.

The Value We Deliver

Unlike other organizations that focus on closing the gender gap in STEM+, Play Like a Girl exposes girls to inspiring women role models and mentors who leverage the transferable skills girls gain from sport to give them a competitive edge in the classroom and, ultimately, prepare them for the workforce.

Our Impact

Play Like a Girl helps women from all walks of life understand the importance of being good role models and mentors to girls, gives girls the opportunity to see themselves in these inspiring women, and maps the pathways for them toward a STEM career—starting in their pivotal middle school years.


women have joined the Play Like a Girl Community as role models and mentors


girls and women have attended a live in-person or virtual Play Like a Girl learning event


of girls in our community report that they intend to pursue a career in STEM+


individual donors across the world have financially supported our mission this year

Our Programs & Services

The Squad

The Play Like a Girl community is an online gathering place for Play Like a Girl ambassadors, donors, partners, supporters, and volunteers—as well as women currently working in STEM+.


Meet + Mentor

Meet + Mentor is a confidence-building curriculum designed to give you the tools and activities needed to mentor a middle school girl in your life on her journey—especially, in a STEM+ career—and the obstacles she will likely face along the way.


Professional Development

The Play Like a Girl Professional Development Series provides teams within businesses and organizations with actionable strategies to develop and retain women leaders, engage employees in community efforts to build a diverse STEM+ pipeline, and solve gender inequality in the workplace.