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March 30 @ 04:00 PM

Meet + Mentor ★ Session 4

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    March 30

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    04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

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Play Like a Girl Meet + Mentor

Meet + Mentor is a virtual mentoring program built to help middle school girls think and be outside the box. Each weekly session aligns to a Play Like a Girl principle which is used to kickstart each themed mentoring session focused on confidence, college and careers — and understanding who you are in the world around you. 

Drop-in for one — or join us for all 12 sessions. 

Session / Principle 4 + Ask for Help

This session focuses on the exploration of Play Like a Girl Principle #4. Just like you have unique strengths, so does everyone around you. Ask for help when you need expertise you don’t have. The journey is better together. And much more fun.



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