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July 12 @ 04:00 PM

TGR Learning Lab

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    July 12 - July 16

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    04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

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At the TGR Learning Lab, we are focused on opening your mind to potential careers and college majors available
to you. Instructors at the TGR Learning Lab Anaheim site will be offering FREE virtual summer classes for students
across the nation. These classes will be offered to students who will be in grades 6-8 starting in Fall 2021.

Engineering Construction Design
Have you always wanted to know how to build the perfect bridge? What about how to build the tallest tower or how
a parachute works? Learn all this and more in our Engineering Construction Design class! Using the engineering
design process, we will be constructing a bridge, tower, parachute and even a basketball. We will be using common
household items, so the hands-on activities can be done at home! Let’s become engineers!

Introduction to Cybersecurity
Our world is digitally connected through computers, smart phones, video game systems and many other smart
devices. This is the marvel of technology, but it can also be an unsafe place if we don’t understand how to carefully
navigate it. In this interactive class, you will learn about the internet, how it works, digital footprints, binary code,
encryption and careers. With the gained Cybersecurity knowledge, you will understand the importance of privacy,
protecting personal data and how to stay safe online.

What’s ‘App’ening in Computer Science
Computer science knowledge is a high-demand skill in today’s job market. In this class, you will learn fundamental
computer science concepts such as algorithm, conditional statement, variable, function and Boolean logic through
engaging hands-on activities. You will apply what you learned by programing an app using the AppLab on Code.
org. The completed app can be shared with classmates, friends and family at the end of the session.

Are you interested in working with animals? Come join our Zoology class to explore various careers that work with
animals and learn what to expect as a zoologist. You will be able to experience some projects that professionals in
this field may encounter and learn about the steps you can take if you are interested in pursuing zoology as a career!

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