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June 21 @ 09:00 AM

Girls Who Tech

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    June 21 - June 23

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    09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

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Girls Who Tech is a three-day program designed to inform girls about the technology-driven changes shaping our future and inspire them to be a part of that change.  Participants will discuss key transformational technologies and learn about the skills and jobs of the future to envision the possibilities in the world of tomorrow.

Event Details

Grades: Rising 8th – 12th
Date: June 21 – 23, 2021
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center | 104 Claude Yates Dr, Franklin, TN
Cost: $150 (lunch provided)
Early Bird Discount: $125 using code EARLY in the month of May!
Size: 25 participants

2021 Program Overview and Objectives

Day #1: Exponential Technologies & Innovations

We live in a world where technology is growing at an exponential rate. We have seen more change in the last 50 years than in the previous 1000 years.

Students will learn about exponential technologies, current breakthroughs in science and technology and discuss the profound impact on our lives and the world. Students will also get to play and interact with cutting-edge technologies such as VR/AR, Robotics, A.I., IoT gadgets igniting their imagination and developing their sense of what is possible in today’s technology.

Day #2: Artificial Intelligence and Technology Ethics

We live in the age of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), where decisions affecting our lives – where we go to college, where we shop or eat, the type of ads and information we see – are all increasingly being made for us by machines. Those machines are developed by software engineers and other technology professionals, only approximately 25% of whom are women.

The lack of women’s perspectives in the technology field introduces unconscious gender bias into these technologies and limits the technological innovations that could be made to benefit women.

Students will learn about the topic of Artificial Intelligence, its ethical implications, how algorithms can be designed with gender bias, and what we can do to help reshape technology to work for everyone.

Day #3: Future Jobs & Future Skills

By 2030, up to 45% of tasks workers perform can be automated using current technology. While technologies will destroy many jobs, they will also create many new ones. Widespread innovation is continuing to give birth to new industries, all of which are sources of new jobs.

Students will learn about some of the most exciting emerging jobs and industries of the future while learning about the skills needed to help them adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.

What to expect

  • Engage in conversations with industry speakers about key transformational technologies and their impact on our future.
  • Learn about Artificial Intelligence and how it works.
  • Understand how machines learn and create your own machine learning models.
  • Create your interactive computer program using Python.
  • Experiment with wearable electronic platforms and create e-textile artifacts while expressing your creativity in a newly found way.
  • Meet and greet NAO, our friendly humanoid robot. You will use NAO to learn and practice key concepts in Graphical programming and explore how facial recognition, speech recognition, and motion detection technologies work.
  • Meet role models and leaders from different sectors in the technology field.
  • Learn about career paths in tech and how to pursue them.





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