Play Like a Girl has connection and collaboration on the brain.

Board members met for their annual retreat in July and set strategic priorities for the new fiscal year. They also spent time building a strong team to accomplish the work ahead.

Core values at the foundation

“The Play Like a Girl Board of Directors set out to develop a clear understanding of their individual and collective strengths as well as their blind spots, and more deeply connect with one another,” said Nashville Chapter President of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Sara Skillen.

At the retreat, Sara addressed the board on the importance of shared values and beliefs to board effectiveness.

“True team building requires working together to create a safe space tied to [the organization’s] core values and beliefs,” she said. “So that trust and confidence can be facilitated and board members are empowered to take action to support those values.”

At the Board Retreat this summer, Sara also spoke to accountability and respect among successful teams.

Sara pointed out that earning the respect of others is important, but showing respect is the foundation of meaningful relationships. She said that this, too, is critical to leadership.

Board progress continues

The board first met in July and has since continued its strategic work within a three-committee board structure which is essential to the board’s work.

Committees are formed around strategic priorities such as fundraising, expanding to new communities, or taking on additional programming.

Meetings are content driven, and this board employs the consent agenda as a singular action item at each meeting so that it can spend most of its time on strategic work using data from multiple sources and stakeholders.

“Supporting Play Like a Girl’s Board of Directors in creating their own best environment for connecting with one another (even virtually!) was truly gratifying,” Sara said. Everyone was thoughtful, engaged, and committed throughout the afternoon, and I’m confident the groundwork is in place for everyone to take action despite these difficult times.”