Sarah Hays Coomer

Author and Health Coach



“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dilliard

Sarah Hays Coomer is a Mayo Clinic certified health coach and author of 3 books—The Habit Trip, Physical Disobedience, and Lightness of Body and Mind. She spends her days celebrating the power of our bodies and minds to help us show up for what matters.


5 Things She Can’t Live Without

Pets: I have had animals my whole life, both dogs and cats. They have given me so much love and comfort. When I’m super stressed out, I go to the Humane Society to hang out with the stray animals and get some extra snuggles.
Walking: If I am stuck on a problem or need to be creative or clear my head, I always head out for a walk.
Sleep: I love to sleep! Sleep supports every other healthy decision I make. If I rest well, I can show up better for what matters to me.
Kindness: Human beings thrive when they are kind to each other and to themselves. I try to remember that when people are being mean, they are usually insecure or suffering in some way. I respond with kindness every chance I get, and I try to remember to offer that same generosity to myself when I start feeling critical of my body or my work.
Girlfriends: My girlfriends are my family. In the past, when I have moved to a new town or a new school, it might have taken a while to find my friends, but once I find women who make me feel like myself, I know I’m home.