As we gear up for International Day of the Girl on October 11, we’re celebrating women who’ve inspired, empowered and connected women of all ages and backgrounds—through sport and STEM.

Together, we are working to teach middle school girls how to fearlessly conquer even the most difficult circumstances in school, life and, eventually, career and still reach their full potential.

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Meet Kate T. Parker, photographer and New York Times best-selling author of the new book Play Like a Girl: Life Lessons from the Soccer Field. After college, Kate worked at an advertising agency and later, at CNN, producing news. She left her job to be home with her young girls almost 15 years ago. A million YouTube videos later, Kate found her new passion for storytelling through photography. Today, Kate is a girl boss leaving her mark on the world  and inspiring us to do the same. 

Here, she talks about the power of team and what it means to play like a girl: 

Misperception of girls in sports: As a girl, I was loud, confident and stubborn–all traits thought by many as irritating. But I quickly found those characteristics to be assets on the playing field. They became my superpowers, and like many girls and women, I need them to be successful in life as a mother, wife and business woman.

Power of team: Girls from my photography and book projects credit team as their main motivator for playing sports. They’re able to deepen relationships and grow with the support of their teammates. The team is a sisterhood. You win together. Lose together. Break bones together. The team helps to lift you up.

Building and managing strong teams: If you’re lucky, you’ll get to choose and build your most important team ever: Family. My husband of 16 years is my biggest supporter and most dedicated teammate. I’m convinced that I couldn’t be great without him holding me down at home. When girls find their team, there is absolutely nothing they can’t accomplish on the field and in life.

Take a peek at Kate’s responses to our rapid-fire questions on a recent Play Like a Girl LIVE below for more inspo:

  • Who inspires you? Megan Rapinoe
  • Texting or talking? Talking? Who does that?!
  • TikTok or IG Reels? TikTok — because of the dances, of course.
  • Sing one line of your favorite song. Watch here. She nailed it!

Kate says, “If you are passionate about something, keep pushing!” She’s convinced that one YES can change your life. And, we agree. Keep pushing. Keep playing!

Weren’t able to attend? Catch the replay here.

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