Why Play?

Sport and physical activity can change everything for girls.

Girls have much to gain from early and sustained participation in sport and physical activity.

Though the number of girls participating in sports has steadily increased since the passage of Title IX in 1972, too many girls still encounter roadblocks that leave them sitting on the sidelines instead of sprinting toward the finish line. When their access to sports participation is limited, girls miss the chance to develop skills that will help them succeed and habits that can keep them healthy throughout their lives.

Play Changes Everything

Access to sport and physical activity means better health, stronger confidence and higher earning potential for girls—especially minorities and the poor.


Active girls make healthy choices—they’re less likely to smoke, become pregnant or use drugs. Physically active girls become healthier women, and are more likely to raise active girls of their own. A lifetime of physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.


Sport and physical activity also release hormones that make girls feel happier and more confident. Active girls have improved self-esteem and have reduced risk for anxiety, stress and depression. With their confidence intact, girls can set big goals and accomplish them. Active girls do better.


Sport and physical activity enhance productivity and teamwork, preparing girls today to become role models tomorrow. Active girls are more attentive, retain more of what they learn and do better on tests. They also develop a lasting desire to achieve, earning 10% more income than their inactive peers.

Every $1 invested in a girl can yield $15 in economic returns.

Access to sport and physical activity is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic growth that women have ever known. It's a solid investment.


Here are three ways you can help. Give sport.

Give $35 and change a girl’s life through sport.


Do something fun to keep girls in the game.


Help us build a pipeline of unstoppable women.