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April 07 @ 06:00 PM

Fore The Ladies: Golf Fitness

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    April 07

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    06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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Fore the Ladies and Samantha Rothberg Fitness are teaming up for a monthly series to empower you to take on everything strength training, mobility, flexibility and golf.

PS – It’s free! We’ll be tackling different topics every month to empower you to reach your goals on and off the golf course, as well as debunk some fitness myths.

Monthly Topics (all dates at 7pm ET):

  • Apr 7 | What is the role of a strength coach in golf performance? How screening, assessments, and programming can elevate your game.
  • May 5 | Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility: Which do I need and why?
  • Jun 9 | Women in the Weight Room
  • Jul 7 | Warmup/Cooldown + Pre/Post Round Nutrition
  • Aug 4 | The Menstrual Cycle and Strength Training
  • Sep 5 | Recovery Techniques
  • Oct 6  | What is Rotational Power and How Do I Develop It?



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