Tamara Armour

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Talent Activated


“Be at your best when your best is needed.” —John Wooden 

Tamara oversees operations for Talent Activated, the company that she helped found. Talent Activated connects motivated and qualified individuals with clients to staff their events. 


5 Things She Can’t Live Without

My Family: My blended family of four is my backbone. I am the only woman in my home so I am especially spoiled and protected by my boys and husband. They always find ways to make me laugh, feel supported, feel loved and appreciated (although sometimes I have to remind them about the appreciation part, lol). Raising boys in particular has been such a change from my personal experiences growing up. I love learning about them as they change and grow into young men.

Sports: I am passionate about competition so sports and the byproducts of sports are high on my list. Everything from ESPN’s 30 for 30 to live sporting events and biographies about the world’s greatest women and men in sports to athletic gear. I. NEED. IT. ALL.

Candy: I have a mean sweet tooth! Because I’m fairly regularly sitting and working for hours at a time, candy is my go-to pick me up.

My Tribe: This week in particular has shown me how important my tribe is. Having a team to help you navigate and be efficient in life is critical. For me, my tribe includes a range of people from my dearest friends to my housekeeper, Nora. Each of them is essential to my overall well-being.

WiFi: As a person who works remotely, I am always on the go. I only recently got a hot spot (don’t judge me) because finding a McDonald’s parking lot to work when I need to send an emergency email or document just doesn’t cut it. I’m connected 24/7 now (even when I’m disconnected).