Meet One of 1,600 Women Mentors Making a Difference

Sometimes you meet someone like Celeste Bell who is so inspiring that you think she’s Superwoman. She is a passionate, goal-driven leader and athlete who has lived many lives – and doing good for Play Like a Girl is at the top of her agenda.

Celeste is an HR executive for multinational ad agencies, has been a ladder-climbing professional for various sports organizations including the LPGA, NBA & MLB, and is a record-breaking distance runner who has run 66 full marathons — across all 50 U.S. states and on every continent. And most raised money to benefit girls we serve, by the way!

Celeste is also a dedicated mentor, leader and former chairwoman of the Play Like a Girl Board of Directors. Most importantly, her impact in the lives of girls we serve is unmatched.

In fact, she will tell you that she didn’t get to where she is today without her own tribe of strong women coaches, mentors and role models who have guided her throughout different stages in her life.

[bctt tweet=”“It’s so important to have another voice…to have someone to lean on. Throughout all of my different experiences, there was always one person who I identified and leaned on who I felt wanted the best for me, were open and honest, and wanted to see me succeed.”” username=”iplaylikeagirl”]

Because of her own life experiences with barrier-breaking women, Celeste recognizes the importance of strong female leadership and mentors for girls and young women — especially those in their vulnerable adolescent years.

She uses her role as a Play Like a Girl mentor to help middle school girls build confidence, establish goals and learn to identify and strengthen their own superpowers. This year, she also led Play Like a Girl’s first-ever virtual speed networking event in collaboration with one of her own role models, her boss and glass ceiling-breaker, Val DiFebo, CEO of Deutsch New York.

Our greatest gift this year has been the time, support and dedication of women (and a few good men!) like Celeste. Thanks to our partnership with LinkedIn, our girls get to learn from over 1,600 women professionals from across the nation in our free virtual mentoring program, Meet + Mentor.

To the entire Play Like a Girl SQUAD, whether you stepped up as a mentor, donor or partner this year: THANK YOU!

Without you, our programs would not be possible.