Office Hours with Jennifer Stockdale

Jennifer Hartsell Stockdale

STEM Youth Educator and Attorney

University of Tennessee Extension/Williamson County 4-H and the United States Courts


“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare 

Attorney and youth educator, Jennifer Hartsell Stockdale, works with convicted felons during the day and educates curious students in the evening. She has been practicing law for over 20 years and teaches a variety of classes for youth, ranging from the forensic science of the courtroom to public speaking.


 5 Things She Can’t Live Without

Cell phone: It’s my lifeline to family, friends, work, clients, news, photos, shopping, and travel—pretty much everything.

Travel: I love to explore new places and visit old favorites. On the list for post-pandemic: Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Chocolate: Let the record reflect that chocolate should be an essential part of one’s diet.

Connection to my family, friends, and students: My relationships with these people are the most important part of my life.

Purpose: Each day we make choices that shape the future, whether we realize it or not. My goal is to choose with purpose to create the future I want for myself and others.

Office Hours with Ashley Baker

Dr. Ashley Baker

Chief Inclusion Officer

Xavier University of Louisiana


“If it doesn’t exist, create it!” 

Dr. Ashley Baker currently serves as Chief Inclusion Officer at Xavier University of Louisiana. She is Founder of the Women In Sports Forum, a Sport Management Scholar, and a Sports Mom.


5 Things She Can’t Live Without

Books: Every month I try to read a new book. I read all kinds of books. Books that make me laugh, books that teach me something new, or books that inspire me. I prefer to hold a book. However, I also download audiobooks so I can listen while I’m out for a walk or driving in the car. 

Leave In Conditioner: I have very curly hair and living in Louisiana, where it’s often hot and humid, I use leave in conditioner to keep my hair under control. I like to experiment with different products to find what helps protect my hair and will make it easier to comb and style. 

Social Media: I love being able to connect and network with people online. I can keep up with my friends and family, but I can also share what is going on in my own life. I also use social media as a space to celebrate and promote the amazing things women in sports are doing.  

Post It Notes: I write everything on post it notes. Whenever I come up with new and creative ideas I jot them down on a note and stick it in my journal. The notes help me keep my thoughts and ideas organized and I just love the way all the different color notes look on the pages. 

Quiet Time: I enjoy being around my friends and family, but having alone time is a necessity for me! It helps me to recharge and refocus, especially when I have had a busy day. Sometimes I spend my quiet time at home, in my room and other times I may go sit near the local lake. 

Office Hours with Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Berry

Director of STEAM and Science

Metro Nashville Public Schools


“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” —Albert Einstein

Jennifer Berry, PhD, is the Director of STEAM and Science for Metro Nashville Public Schools. As a former science teacher and administrator, Dr. Berry has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for her work supporting STEM instruction.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Masters in Teaching from the University of Arkansas, and a Doctorate of Education from Capella University.


5 Things She Can’t Live Without

Nature: My happy place is outside, so I can observe the natural world.

Animals: I love having animals, specifically dogs, chickens, and horses in my life. They make everything better.

Books: I love to read, so I never have a book far from me at any given time.

Flowers: There is so much beauty in nature, especially through flowers. I love their smell, texture, colors, and geometry.

Adventures: I love traveling and exploring new places.