Join this year’s Play Like a Girl Games. Invite your family, friends and co-workers to play your favorite sports and outdoor games. Pick a location for your game day that is guaranteed to be fun. Resources are even available to help you plan.

Come play with us and your fundraiser will help get girls moving and keep them in the game—on and off the field.

Get Started


Your ultimate guide to the Play Like a Girl Game.

Use the resources below to plan, promote and host your game day event. Download only what you need or the full Play Like a Girl Games Toolkit.


Hit It Out the Park

Every obstacle course conquered, home run hit and touchdown scored makes a difference. Every dollar raised gets more girls in the game. Download the Event Planning Guide now.

On Your Mark

Win, Lose, or Draw

Raise $35 (or donate it online) to earn a T-shirt, stickers and balloons for your play day—whether it’s a win, lose or draw for your individual team. Access supporting materials and get started!

Get Set

Take Score

Reach different levels to earn double dutch ropes or a kickball. Plus, our top 10 fundraisers of the summer will receive sacks for an old-fashioned sack race next Spring. Start your fundraiser now!